We produce high-quality aspartame since 1991

About aspartame

Aspartame is a low-calorie alternative for sugar, offering several benefits over sugar, as outlined below. HSWT’s aspartame is used in well-known brands of soft drinks, chewing gums and table-tops, as well as pharmaceutical products. HSWT requires the highest quality standards, producing the best aspartame the industry has to offer.

Obesity impact

Increasing obesity rates across the world have turned weight management into an increasingly urgent priority. Market research indicates that the ingredients consumers are most keen to avoid are fat and sugar, both of which are associated with weight gain. The low-calorie alternative offered by aspartame is an increasingly attractive proposition for consumers themselves as for their children.

Low carbon footprint

Aspartame is about 200x more concentrated than sugar. This means that the CO2 footprint in terms of transportation and packaging is dramatically reduced.

Most similar to sugar

Intense sweeteners can have very special sensory characteristics, as shown in the spider graphs below. Sometimes theseproperties can be used directly to create products of a uniquetaste profile that is accepted and demanded by consumers. The focus of the development is then to avoid a special taste or in general to match a profile that is known from products sweetened with sucrose or other carbohydrates.

Tooth friendly

The use of aspartame, pure or in blends, reduces the intake of fermentable carbohydrates – a key factor to tooth decay. Aspartame does not promote the build-up of plaque or acid-producing bacteria. For this reason, it is ideal for confectionery productssuch as chewing gum and sugar-free.