We produce high-quality aspartame since 1991

Packaging and storage

The aspartame produced by HSWT is filled into corrugated cardboard boxes with two 80µm green low-density polyethylene inner liners which are closed with green plastic safety cable ties. Polyethylene is suitable for food legislation governing products in contact with food, including EU regulation, FDA regulations and the Japanese Food Sanitation law.
The standard packaging is 25 kg but could be adapted on customer demands and products properties.

Packaging materials

The packaging materials are a lot codified and traceable. The used packaging materials comply with the Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 and Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011. The boxes are labelled on one side with the general product information. They are sealed with polypropylene adhesive tape which is printed in order to maintain integrity during transport and storage (tamper evident).


The finished products are stored in our warehouses under ambient room condition in a cool and dry place (recommendation: below 30°C and between 35 to 75 % Relative humidity).

All HSWT products should be preserved in well-closed original containers and not stored near products with strong odor. Removal from storage takes place according to the principle of first in first out (FIFO).


Transport and dispatch are carried out exclusively by authorized haulage contractors. The regulations governing the dispatch of food are observed. Based on HSWT experience, the shelf-life is 5 years.


The units which are ready for dispatch can be identified and retracted at any time by the following details kept in our system:

  • Material number
  • Lot number
  • Product name
  • CAS number
  • Chemical molecular formula